Ellee Thalheimer, Cycling Sojourner: A Guide to the Best Multi-Day Tours in Washington. Creativity is the superpower of Mindbuck Media and what seals the deal is their follow-through. The media coverage my book received as a result of their work really made a difference.

Marcia JohnstonMarcia Johnston, Word Up! How to Write Powerful Sentences and Paragraphs (And Everything You Build from Them) (Winner, IRDA non-fiction award): "Little did I know how lucky I was the day the name Jessica Glenn jumped out at me next to the intriguing term 'book shepherd.' I can't imagine where my book would be today without her expertise and encouragement--certainly not in the top rankings of both its Amazon categories, where it appeared within days of its launch. From the get-go, Jessica's confident wisdom has steered me (thank goodness!) away from my promotional intuitions, which were invariably 100% wrong. Jessica knows what works and what doesn't work. What's more, she knows the who, where, how, why, and when of marketing a book every step of the way. If you're creating a book worth finding, I highly recommend hiring Jessica to help you make it findable."

Katey SchultzKatey Schultz, Flashes of War (Military Writers, Book of the Year) "It was both a privilege and an education working with Jessica Glenn, who I hired as the publicist for my debut collection of short stories. Her prompt responses to emails, innovative (and affordable) marketing tips, suggestions for social media use, and go-get-'em determination undoubtedly got my book in front of hundreds of people who otherwise would not have seen or heard of it. In turn, those people reviewed the book, blogged about it, shared links, or recommended it to colleagues and friends. This ripple effect is exactly the kind of thing that no writer can reproduce on his or her own, and precisely what Jessica and MindBuck Media are so good setting motion. More than four months after Jessica's work was "done" I still received inquiries and press as a result of her pitches. She is an incredible resource, a skilled professional, and a must-hire for any writer seeking to make a mark."

Mary BartlettMary Bartlett, Throw a Great Party: Inspired by Evenings in Paris with Jim Haynes: As a first-time cookbook author, I admit I had an attitude. It went like this: I've done the writing! Why doesn't my book sell itself? Fortunately, I hired Jessica Glenn as my publicist. In a kind way, she educated me about marketing and publicity. But most important, her services meant my book made it to the marketplace. She's a true professional: perceptive, meticulous, and most important, persistent. I'm still tickled that my book sells at Shakespeare & Co. in Paris!

Viva Las VegasViva Las Vegas, Magic Gardens and The Gospel According to Viva Las Vegas: MindBuck Media was essential in brokering the connections that made my publishing venture a success. Jessica is brilliant and professional, yet so very easy to talk to. She always puts in the extra hour and goes the extra mile, and she makes the tough stuff seem easy. I highly recommend her services.

Kate ScottKate Scott, Counting to D: I found the MindBuck Media staff to be helpful and professional. They personalize their approach for every project and meet the needs of the author as an individual. I would definitely recommend MindBuck for authors looking to add publicity and public relations professionals to their team.

Mary EllentonMary Ellenton, Flipping: It was exciting working with Jessica Glenn at MindBuck Media. She created traction for my fiction novel, Flipping, almost immediately by securing a collection of crucial reviews prior to my title's release date. Jessica's impressive resources of industry contacts landed me a rare opportunity to interview with an international news site, which in retrospect began a pivotal forward motion in my book's publicity campaign. Soon after my novels debut, I made a decision to continue working with MindBuck Media and Jessica's knowledge and experience in promoting provided a strategy that won a top selling status in internet sales for my book just one month after it's release. Choosing MindBuck media to manage my publicity was one of my best decisions during that process.

Timothy Jay SmithTimothy Jay Smith, A Vision of Angels, Cooper's Promise: Jessica Glenn (Mindbuck Media) immediately put me straight about everything I thought I knew about publicizing a book and didn't have a clue. She knows her business. Eventually we worked where I begged bloggers to review my books while she did the real value-added stuff: getting me nationally-syndicated reviews, radio spots, and readings. You just have to Google me and see what Jessica did for me in terms of market positioning. - Timothy Jay Smith

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