What is Buzz?

How interesting or cool or unique or important or hip or useful or portentous or transitory or courageous or ball busting is your book?

Let’s be honest here. It just doesn’t work to simply print up some promo bookmarks with the title of your book, your email, and a slogan that’s supposed to translate all of that into an excited reader pulling out their credit card.

About a million years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and ad agencies used single frame campaigns, a company would come up with a single slogan they felt would sell the product.

But…“It’s Toasted,” ain’t sellin’ Lucky Strikes no more.

Buzz provides something of value to your target market.

If you’re promoting a novel, how about letting readers talk directly to your characters? If you have a memoir, consider a skype book club to let people interact with you. If you have a nonfiction book, provide rare info for interested readers with clever teasers to motivate them. To be specific: Get readers personally involved.

Want people to know about your book and what you’re up to? Most importantly, want them to keep wondering?

We’ll show you how.

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