How Do We Do Book Publicity?

Book Publicity Services - MindBuck Media is your full service, primary media representative for authors, books and publishers.

  1. Goal development
  2. Branding
  3. Buzz strategies
  4. TV placements
  5. Radio placements
  6. Print review placements
  7. Blogger review placements
  8. Website Content
  9. Ad Copy
  10. Social Media
  11. Mailing services
  12. Event coordination
  13. Book reading tours
  14. Awards applications, Wikki materials, etc
  15. Multimedia mashups
  16. Book Trailers
Manuscript Services:

  1. Read excerpts/manuscripts and give marketing feedback
  2. Develop target market, marketing and publicity plan
  3. Publisher, reviewer, online reviewer, editor, agent and author intros
  4. Project manage editing team, cover design and interior design process)
  5. Quality blurb acquisition
  6. Publishing consultation
Marketing Services
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